NCHA receives additional Texas METF funds

The National Cutting Horse Association, in partnership with the City of Fort Worth, received $1,158,482 from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund on July 20. The payment includes funds derived from the 2012 NCHA Summer Spectacular.

NCHA and the City of Fort Worth will continue to work with the state comptroller’s office in regard to payments for the 2012 NCHA Futurity, as well as 2013 events.

NCHA remains committed to working with the City of Fort Worth and the state comptroller’s office to ensure the continued investment of the Major Events Trust Fund remains a vital component for tourism and economic growth for the State of Texas and businesses headquartered there. Funds are based on actual sale taxes generated by NCHA events.

The Major Events Trust Fund contributed more than $4.3 million to purses and production of the 2012 NCHA Triple Crown Events in Fort Worth, which has allowed NCHA to virtually double the value of payout since the inception of the Fund. Through the work of NCHA lobbyist and legislative consultant Jim Short and contributors to the Texas Events Political Action Committee, NCHA was able to remain in the METF. NCHA is the only equine organization included in the METF.

While the monies contributed by the METF are paid through the Triple Crown events, NCHA members throughout the country benefit from true added money.

Continued support of the Texas Events PAC and the engagement of all NCHA members are crucial to continuing the investment of the state into the sport of cutting and economic growth in Fort Worth.

Broadcast team openings

The National Cutting Horse Association is seeking qualified individuals to serve as members of the broadcast team for the 2013 NCHA World Championship Futurity broadcast on RFD TV which will be live to tape. The positions available are for an analyst, meaning a person who will analyze the performance of the horse and work with the show’s host, as well as for an arena or “sideline” reporter, who will work with the host on providing information from the arena floor and interview competitors.

Audition DVDs, resumes and compensation expectations must be submitted no later than September 1 to the attention of Julie Bryant, NCHA Director of Marketing, 260 Bailey Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76107. Selection will be made by NCHA and its production company no later than October 1.

Analyst: Interested persons must meet all or at least three of the following qualifications to include a major title:

  • Winner of a major NCHA Produced Event, i.e. Futurity, Super Stakes etc.
  • Winner of a major NCHA title or award, i.e. World Champion or Rider Hall of Fame
  • Winner of a major AQHA title or award in a related sport, i.e. AQHA World Champion, AQHA Year End High Point
  • More than 5 years of membership in NCHA
  • More than 5 years of experience in NCHA competition
  • On camera experience
  • Public speaking experience

“Sideline” Arena Reporter: Interested persons must meet all or at least three of the following qualifications:

  • Finalist in a major NCHA Produced Event, i.e. Futurity, Super Stakes etc.
  • Winner of a major limited aged event, i.e. Breeders Invitational, El Rancho Futurity, PCCHA Futurity
  • Accomplished horseman (woman) with at least 10 years experience in cattle related events
  • Sports or horse related reporting (print or on camera) experience
  • On camera experience
  • Public speaking experience



NYCHA looks for shutterbugs

AQHA NCHA WeekendA picture is worth a thousand words, and the NCHA wants to know the story of your area’s NCHA Weekend event. We’re looking for photos from each area’s event that captures the people, excitement, camaraderie, and all the happenings over the weekend for use in the Cutting Horse Chatter. The NYCHA Shutterbugs contest is open to ALL youth members attending an NCHA Weekend event. As an Official NYCHA Press Representative for the NCHA during NCHA Weekend, you’ll be issued a press badge by your show secretary as well as a disposable camera should you need one.

Rios of MercedesIs there a prize?
Of course there’s a prize! Rios of Mercedes, the Official Boot of the NCHA, has generously provided a pair of boots to the winner of the NYCHA Shutterbugs contest. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges that will evaluate each photo entry based on how well the youth member captured the essence of their area’s NCHA Weekend show. Photo clarity (no blurry images, please) and resolution will also be taken into consideration.

What do I have to do?
Grab a camera and look for photo opportunities around the show! We’re looking for all kinds of candid photos – silly pictures, folks interacting with each other, show staff and attendees at work, fellow youth members hanging out together, what’s for lunch, any special events (cookouts, parties, contests, etc.), or just anything you see that would make a great picture!

What if I don’t have a camera? Can I use my phone?
We are sending disposable cameras to each show secretary, in case you need one. Supplies are limited and secretaries will distribute them on a first come, first served basis. Sorry, we can’t use pictures taken with your phone. They are not high enough in resolution to print well in the Chatter magazine. If you have your own digital camera you can use it.

What do I do when I’m done?
If you’re using a disposable camera, just send the whole camera back to the NCHA office with your name and area number written on it and we’ll get your photos developed for the contest. If you’re using a digital camera, make a CD of all the images you took, write your name and area number on the disc, and mail it to the NCHA office. Please do not email photos.

What is the deadline to send in my pictures?
Disposable cameras and CDs should be postmarked no later than Monday, June 10, 2013. The winner will be announced and notified the following Monday, June 17.

Texas METF bill advances

The House of Representatives of the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1678, which amends the existing statute that deals with the Major Events Trust Fund (METF) and the Events Trust Fund (ETF), on March 20.

The current version of the bill has broad support from the NCHA, the State Comptroller, the cities and counties that apply for funding from the METF, and event promoters.

Provisions in the new legislation with the greatest impact on NCHA include:

  • A limit of no more than 10 ETF applications for smaller events which generate less than $200,000 in tax implications from a city or county in  a year.
  • Clarification of the status of events with multi-year contracts (such as NCHA’s Triple Crown events).
  • A model contract could be adopted by the Comptroller to help applicants standardize their requests for funds under the METF. In the past, officials have applauded the thoroughness of NCHA’s applications.
  • The bill clarifies that applicant cities or counties and their event promoters can agree to contingency clauses to allow for the fairest distribution of state funds
  • The Comptroller can compare actual attendance at an event with the projected attendance, and reduce the amount disbursed proportionately if the attendance is significantly lower.
  • The bill also qualifies the X-Games, NASCAR and mixed martial arts as major events eligible for the METF.

The NCHA worked closely with the Comptroller’s Office, elected officials, the City of Fort Worth, the sponsors of the legislation and many members of the legislature to craft meaningful improvements to the existing statute. Should the legislation become law, it will underscore NCHA’s credibility and viability in all stages of the legislative process.

The Senate will now consider the changes to SB 1678 that were made in the House. The Senate may concur with the House’s changes, in which case the bill will go to Governor Rick Perry for his signature. If the Senate does not concur with the changes, a conference committee of Senators and Representatives will work out the differences in the House and Senate versions of the bill. That compromise would be adopted by both bodies and the bill would then go to the Governor for his signature.

If the bill becomes law, it will take effect immediately upon signing by Governor Perry.

Senate Bill 1678 is sponsored by Senator Bob Deuell (Mesquite) and Representative Jason Isaac (Dripping Springs).

Jim Bret Campbell Selected as National Cutting Horse Association Executive Director

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA), the world governing body for the sport of cutting, has selected Jim Bret Campbell to serve as its Executive Director beginning June 10.

Jim Bret Campbell brings over 15 years of experience in association management and marketing to the NCHA having served most recently as the Director of Communications and Member Relations for the Texas Cattle Feeders Association in Amarillo and previously as the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at the 285,000-member American Quarter Horse Association, where his responsibilities included overseeing the production of the association’s two major publications and their online counterparts. He is also credited with leading the development of several programs including the Ranching Heritage Breeders and Ranching Heritage Challenge.

Campbell holds a master’s in agricultural education and a bachelor’s in agricultural communication from Texas Tech University.

Jim Bret and his wife, Teri, have two boys, Cash, 9, and Cooper, 6, who enjoy riding horses with their dad, as well as playing baseball and snow skiing.

Ernie Beutenmiller Jr., NCHA President and Interim Executive Director, said “The process to select the NCHA Executive Director took place over several months and much of its success can be attributed to the recruiting process, which included feedback from one-on-one interviews with the Executive Committee, Search Committee, Past Presidents of NCHA, key staff, as well as a survey of all (220) NCHA directors worldwide. There was a significant alignment amongst the entire group regarding our strategic issues and priorities as well as the qualities and values of the individual that would be most successful leading the NCHA into the future.

We are confident that Jim Bret embodies the qualities and values we believe are most important as evidenced by his past record of success in the industry and familiarity with ranching and the western horse industry as a whole.”